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Annual Dinner Auction

Regent Preparatory School's annual dinner auction (Starry Night) is the only schoolwide fundraising event of the year. The funds from this event enhance the programs and classical Christian educational experience at Regent. 


This year's dinner auction will be Saturday, February 6, 2021 at Southern Hills Country Club. Look for information about sponsorships coming in November and invitations in mid-December.

Gift Gathering 2020
October 1-30

The following information is designed as a resource for Regent families to use during our annual Gift Gathering. If you are a business wishing to contribute to the auction, please contact our Auction Coordinator at (918) 663-1002 ext. 260.

Select any of the buttons below to download the corresponding information or resource as you prepare to help with Gift Gathering.

"...and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds..." Hebrews 10:24

Class Competition

This year each class from Enrichment II to Class 12 will have a specific theme or category assigned to them for which to collect for the auction.

  • E-II to Class 4 — Themed baskets divided by their teacher's class
  • Classes 5-8 — Focus will be on gift cards from a specific category divided by grade and gender
  • Classes 9-12 — Date Night Planning divided by grade and gender

More information can be found using the resources above including the class prizes for the winning team at each of these three levels. For detailed information on how projects will be scored, please select the proper grade levels below.

Resources for Auction Procurement

Each donation (monetary or physical item) should be turned in to your Class Coach along with a completed Auction Donation Form. That contact information was on the packet that was sent home the week of September 21, and is available in the Monday Memo in the auction section beginning September 28. A sample letter to use when asking a business for a donation, as well as the school's 501(c)(3) status is included below for parents to use during Gift Gathering. Thank you so much for your contributions!

Gift Gathering FAQs

Fundraising dollars are a necessity for all Regent students. Tuition does not cover the entire annual operating budget and in order to keep tuition low, the gap is covered with fundraising dollars. The annual Dinner Auction is the single fundraising event of the year. It benefits all students at Regent and therefore participation from every family is highly encouraged to collect gifts to be auctioned at this event!

The auction committee evaluates each year to try to steward every donation and dollar in the best possible way. The changes made this year are in response to several goals regarding the overall number of items in the silent auction, raising the sale value of silent auction items and increasing student participation. The committee hopes that by giving more structure to the gift gathering, we will eliminate the hardest question of “what to bring” and will focus all of our efforts for maximum value!

The official time for gathering gifts is Thursday, October 1 to Friday, October 30.

This year, the answer is to turn in your monetary donation (by October 20) or your physical item (by October 30) to your Class Coach. These are parent volunteers who are coordinating the project for your class. Contact information can be found in the weekly Monday Memo under the Auction section or on the label that was on your Gift Gathering Packet (sent home with students the week of September 21).

We encourage you to connect with your Class Coach outside the school walls when possible. Be sure to turn in your completed Auction Donation Form with your contribution.

If you cannot connect with your Class Coach and need to leave your item/monetary contribution at the school, please do so in the lobby of either the high school or main building and notify your Class Coach so it is picked up the same day.

  • Class Incentives are meant to be a friendly, competitive way of increasing awareness of this event among the student population. It is meant to encourage creativity, cooperation among students as well as parents and help us build packages of high interest to our guests/bidders at the auction.

We highly encourage participating as much as possible with each of your children’s teams so that every student has the experience of participation. However, if you have multiple children and can only contribute to one team, it will still count towards participation for the whole family. If you have a larger donation (such as a premier or live auction item) that would certainly count towards whole family participation as well!

We encourage participation by procuring an item for donation. This may be a purchased item, a cash donation or participation may be in the form of going to businesses and asking for donations directly from the business. Other ways of participation may be the physical collection or packaging of the donations. All these methods of participation count towards student incentives.

Since, themes/categories are being approved by our Head Coaches for each grade level, we hope there is less of a chance of this. However, we do realize that there are still several businesses that may overlap and fit multiple themes. Should you ask a business who says they've already donated to the Regent auction this year, thank them for their contribution. You may select to purchase from that same business if it is a needed item for your theme, or approach a different business. Best advice — approach businesses early in the Gift Gathering period so you are the one that approaches them first!

Gift Gathering Contacts

EII to Class 4: Angela Corley
Classes 5-8: Shea Casey
Classes 9-12: Carrie Helton

General Auction/Sponsorship Questions?

Contact Jennifer Smith, Regent Auction Coordinator at (918) 663-1002 ext. 260.