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  • Online Regent Library (The full Regent library catalog is online including word counts, book search by author, title, subject, and ISBN)
  • Parent Photo Sharing on Shutterfly (This free service, hosted by Shutterfly, allows Regent families to upload photos of Regent events to a common location. The site is categorized by school year and by event.)



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Parent Involvement

The Regent Parents Council is responsible for promoting the Mission and Philosophy of Regent Preparatory School by providing organization and leadership for the parent volunteer committees. The Council’s objective is to build community between parents and faculty so that Regent may serve as an extension of the family.

Parents are given the opportunity each year to select one or two of these committees on which they would like to serve for one year. These committees are an integral part of the school, providing an undergirding of spiritual and practical support for students, faculty, and administration.

These committees undergird the spiritual life of the School.

  • Dads' Prayer: School fathers meet regularly to pray together for the school faculty, families, and students of Regent. 
  • Faculty Encouragement: From time to time, notes of encouragement or appreciation, catered lunches, or small gifts are given to the faculty by this committee. In addition, a special luncheon during the year is dedicated to honor the faculty and staff.  This committee's objective is to express appreciation to the faculty and staff on behalf of the parents and students of Regent.
  • Moms’ Prayer: School mothers meet regularly to pray together for the school faculty, families, and students of Regent. 

These committees obtain parent involvement and assistance in student activities and projects.

  • Class Mothers: One or two mothers are needed for each classroom to organize parties, purchase teachers' gifts, and organize field trips, telephone, and arrange appropriate carpooling.
  • Special Events:
    • Fine Arts Day is held during the last days of the school year to celebrate the accomplishments of the students in drama, art, and music, and to reinforce learning achieved during the school year.  The plays produced are historical and classical in nature and may be written, directed, and produced by the students. In addition, art work is exhibited, spring semester projects are displayed, and musical selections are performed.
    • Grandparents Day is a day of thanksgiving to honor the grandparents and special friends of Regent families.  The fall semester projects are on display and the students give recitations of poetry or scripture, enumerate historical speeches, and sing hymns or special songs.  A reception follows the program.
  • Semester Projects: At the end of the fall (Classes 1-4) and spring (Classes 1-3) semesters, students complete semester projects for display during Grandparents’ Day and Fine Arts Day.  Parents assist in the organization and display of the projects.
  • Classroom photographer: One parent is needed from each classroom. Under the direction of faculty sponsors and the chair of the committee, each parent will be assigned a classroom for which they will be responsible for taking and/or securing snapshots of that class’s students participating in school-related activities during the school year (field trips, sports, special educational days, etc.). 

These committees build the life of the School Community.

  • Mentoring Moms: This committee is intended to educate newer families about the principles and foundations upon which Regent is based by bringing moms together for mutual encouragement.
  • Open House for Prospective Parents: This committee organizes volunteers, decorates, provides refreshments, and serves as hosts at the Open Houses for prospective parents.
  • Parent Education: Periodically during the school year, informative speakers may be sponsored by the Parents Council to enhance and encourage quality family life.  
  • Parent Socials: Several events are scheduled during each school year, for entire families or for parents only.  The social functions are designed to allow parents and their children to become better acquainted with other families and with school faculty.

These committees assist in the operation of the school.

  • Art Council: Prepares and mounts all art to be hung in hallways.  Busiest times are the weeks before Grandparents Day in November and after spring break.  During those periods, council members may meet once or twice a week.  (Art Council members are not Art Moms.  Anyone wishing to volunteer as an Art Mom may sign up in their child’s classroom after school begins.)
  • Facilities: Coordinates occasional projects involving manual labor within the school facility or on the grounds (might include cleaning, playground work, painting, moving, etc.)
  • Library Committee: This committee provides organizational and administrative help for the school library, advises the school in developing its library facilities, purchases books as needed, and assists the librarian in the day-to-day tasks of the library.
  • Public Relations: This committee submits press releases and photographs of noteworthy events to the Regent marketing representative who in turn sends them to local media outlets. Parents involved in this area may also assist in planning community-wide public relations efforts.  
  • Student Supplies: This committee will work to research, place, and distribute bulk supply orders for students at all grade levels each year.
  • Uniforms/Clothing: This group will coordinate a consignment sale and will maintain a resource for utilization of costumes used at the school for various school events, including special educational days.

This committee facilitates sports participation for Regent students in various sports leagues and scheduled team competitions with other schools. This committee serves as a liaison body for the sports programs and promotes parents' participation in the School's athletic programs in the areas of basketball, volleyball, baseball, football tennis, track, and soccer, and will be pursuing other opportunities as the school grows.

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