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Regent's beginnings

Regent Preparatory School of Oklahoma began in the same way many classical, Christian schools begin, with a few parents who wanted something more, something different, something special for their children’s education. Four individuals studied and learned about what was happening in classical education in the late 1990’s. Their research and school visits eventually took them to Dallas, TX where they found a classical, Christian school they loved. With help from that school, Regent was born and became a reality in August 2000 thanks to founders Donnie & Sarah Perkins and Bruce & Jan Saxon.

Prayers for 60 students, Pre-K through 3rd grade were uttered as preparation began. The first day saw 61 students from 42 families walk through the door at a small, rented church facility in mid-town Tulsa. Through days of leaking roofs and catching birds inside the building, the school grew because of the special things happening inside each classroom. Parents caught the vision and saw wonderful things happening in the lives of their children. One of the “year-one parents” mentioned, “the great expectations brought forth great achievement in the lives of my children.” A special community was forming as families joined together in the pursuit of things true, things good, and things beautiful.

Moving to a permanent campus

A committee began looking for a permanent campus to own during year four. Parents and administration researched what a ‘middle school’ might look like and how it would be different from the fast-growing grammar school. The decision was made to pursue the addition of grades six, seven, and eight. After six years in the original facility, and a class of four students that were ready to move into eighth grade, God blessed the school with a 25-acre campus and a 70,000 square-foot building at 86th and Memorial Drive. A lightning-fast renovation during the summer of 2006 allowed school to begin at the new campus that fall. With enrollment at 264, the school moved into the new facility, which at the time, seemed cavernous. That feeling wouldn’t last long.

Continued growth

The Board began deliberations on whether or not to continue the education into high school. Consultants were hired and analysis and interviews were conducted with board members, families, students, faculty and administration. The decision was made to add a high school and nine students enrolled for ninth grade in the fall of 2008. Older students meant additional leadership activities, more experiences in the arts, and certainly opportunities to participate in athletics. The high school’s growth would require the building of additional space. The 25,000 sq foot gym opened its doors in January 2012, allowing a growing volleyball program and a new basketball program to flourish. Additional sports were added including varsity football, cheer, baseball, tennis, track, cross country, and eventually golf. 

The education that Regent students were receiving was beautiful. There were parent testimonies, excellent ACT/SAT/National Merit scores, the beginning of the senior thesis program, Declamation Days, musicals, art and music electives, personal finance and economics courses, service projects, all built upon a foundation in Jesus Christ and an understanding of a biblical perspective on all of life.

Regent joined the OSSAA in 2014 and now competes in various classes based on the specific sport. Additional dollars were raised beginning in 2014 to improve library space, performing arts space, and to add both football and baseball facilities along with a weight room. Students have the opportunity to participate in a myriad of activities while they pursue a rich curriculum of great books, high level science and math, and humanities courses including history and rhetoric. 

The journey would not have been possible without founders, a vision, administrative commitment, excellent faculty, wonderful families, and of course, the blessings and guidance of the Lord throughout. It is a school goal that His name always be glorified in what happens on the campus He provided for us and in the lives of students who attend the school. The community He has developed at the school is unique and is very special. We hope you will inquire further about becoming part of the Regent family!