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School of Rhetoric (Classes 9-12)

Students will begin to synthesize, express, and put to practical use what they have learned. During these years of heightened self-awareness, they will be taught to express the knowledge they have acquired in their studies persuasively, concisely, and attractively. Subject specialization will begin based on student's foundation of grammar and logic.

While we cannot expose you to all aspects of our classroom experience here, we have selected a few highlights. These represent only a small fraction of our curriculum, but they do provide insight into our classroom experience.

Some things your STUDENT will read ...
  • The Bible
  • The Iliad
  • The Odyssey
  • Herodotus, The Histories
  • Plato's Meno
  • The Life of Antony
  • The Divine Comedy
  • The Confessions of St. Augustine
  • The Praise of Folly
  • Dr. Faustus
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • The Scarlet Letter
  • The Great Gatsby
Some things your STUDENT will do ...
  • Perform a Greek tragedy
  • Practice Socratic discussion around questions such as "What is virtue?"
  • Compose and deliver various sorts of speeches
  • Write mathematical proofs
  • Engage in formal and informal debates
  • Study the relationship between faith and science
  • Dissect a fetal pig
  • Demonstrate fundamental principles of physics with everyday items such as nerf guns, rubber bands, and action figures
  • Fellowship together at the Thanksgiving and Easter feasts
  • Sing songs together
  • Compose and deliver a Senior Thesis to an audience of faculty, parents, and students
  • Pursue Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

Graduation Requirements

English   4
History   4
Mathematics   4
Science   3
Foreign Language   3
Rhetoric/Senior Thesis   1
Theology   1
Fine Arts   1
Other   4
Total Credits   25

Class of 2020

Regent's ninth graduating class

36   Graduates
16   Oklahoma Academic Scholars
3   National Merit Scholars
1   National Merit Semifinalist
97%   Attending 2-year or 4-year colleges
$5.2 million +   Scholarship offers

ACT Testing Profile

Regent curriculum is designed with the ultimate goal of transforming students into wise and virtuous human beings in the image of Christ. However, the byproduct of this type of teaching prepares students for college. One demonstration of this preparation is measured by results of the ACT which reveals that Regent students consistently rank among the top 10 schools in Oklahoma, with average scores far exceeding those in the state and nation.

Class of
# of Students
Class Average
Middle 50% average
2020 36 28.0 28.0
2019 26 28.2 28.1
2018 16 28.2 27.6
2017 21 29.0 29.4
2016 20 29.5 29.5

Oklahoma and National Average ACT Scores were last reported at 18.7 and 20.6 respectively. The maximum possible ACT score is 36.


Classes 9-12

8:40 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

School of Rhetoric Administration
Andy Shapleigh,


Josh Jared,
Dean of Instruction and Curriculum


Jim O'Dea,
Assistant Dean

Curriculum Map

Classes 7-12